Blocco Filettato per Sfere

Plastic Free
13,11 €

Anticorodal Aluminum Block, with 4 M6 Threads to insert up to 4 SF / M6 Balls, to a Handle already equipped with IM / SF end ball.

Included in the price is the stainless steel screw to be replaced in the Ball of the handle.

Single piece to turn a handle with ball (IM / SF) into an IM / SF / 5 multiple ball handle. Possibility to insert up to 4 SF / M6 balls in horizontal position plus 1 vertical Ball. 

Recommended for the composition of arms, accessories and supports, combined with a Tray.

Aluminium anodisé anticorodal 40 microns
2 cm
2,5 cm
2 cm
25 g
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