Revolution 15000
Revolution 15000
Revolution 15000
Revolution 15000
Revolution 15000
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Revolution 15000
Revolution 15000
Revolution 15000
Revolution 15000
Revolution 15000

New - Revolution 15000

Plastic Free
€939.34 €1,139.34 -€200.00

Revolution lighting system.
650W halogen equivalent.
14800 Lumen
CRI 93 (color rendering index)
Angle 110°
Battery: LI.FE (Save Batteries)
Power 12V - 7 Ah

This strobe builds on the experience gained by our engineers and by the collaboration with underwater photography and video professionals. This synergy made possible to create a lighting system with unique features in its kind, suitable for underwater video footage and macro photography. The magnetic rotating switch allows a practical management of the three different ranges of power available.

This strobe, designed for the first time by Carbonarm in 2008, contained inside a Bridgelux LED with 2000 lumens in output. Over the years, it has evolved along with the LEDs and switched to 5000 lumens (CRI 85) in 2010, to 13000 lumens (CRI 90) in 2014. In 2017, after extensive tests done at sea and in the Y-40 pool, after comparing different color temperatures we opted for the brand new LED with 3500° kelvin and 14800 lumens (CRI 93), with a coverage angle of 110 °.

All our customers had the chance to take advantage of all these improvements without changing the lighting body, simply replacing the electronic control unit and LEDs to a cost of 150 €, including assembly and testing. Another great advantage is that the strobe has no water ways because it is made from a solid aluminum block. Recharging takes place via an external waterproof connector, and is therefore not necessary to open the strobe to access the batteries. This eliminates any possibility of error in the closure and guarantees a perfect seal up to -150m. Thanks to the new LiFe batteries (lithium iron phosphate), which during use and charging do not produce gas, it was possible to eliminate any other eventual water way like the cap or the pressure relief valve. We placed flaps in the front part, which enable a rapid cooling in water.

On the front side, the Revolution has a full crystal lens. Unlike products using domes or flat glasses, this lens allows, in water, to triple the light's depth of field. This really is a big plus. From comparative tests run on the same strobe, the differences in the water between a flat glass and this crystal lens are incredible. Moreover, we inserted a special photographic film to uniform the light and soften it to the edges. All these features make the Revolution a product equipped with a powerful light, dense and deep, illuminating diffusely the scene and able to make the most of the colors of the subjects we are going to frame.

In the rear there is the magnetic power switch and power range management, allowing you to adjust the light to 30% at the first stop, to 65% at the second and switch to 100% with the third stop. The power knob is also equipped with a safety lock, to avoid accidental lighting.

Autonomies are the following:
30% - about 4 hours
70% - about 1hour and 30 minutes
100% - about 60 minutes + 5 minutes at the minimum power

Charging time about 3 hours with fully discharged battery.

We are so confident about the construction quality of our lighting system that, in the event of flooding, Carbonarm will repair it under warranty since the user cannot flood it for his mistake. (Excluded flooding due to damages from shock or breakage of the lens that would compromise the perfect seal).

Maximum Guaranteed Depth
150 m
20,5 cm
128 mm
Sphere diameter
25 mm
1,9 kg
Immersion weight
450 gr
Field Angle
Color Temperature
3500 °K
Power Led
14800 Lumen
Battery life
60 min (100%) + 5 min (10%)
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