Carbonarm 75
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Carbonarm 75

Carbonarm 75

Plastic Free

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Carbonarm uses only 100% Carbon Fiber Made in Italy to guarantee an extraordinary resistance to wear and salt, with very low weight. The quality of the carbon fiber tubes that we choose for our arms, are very high, as can be seen from the beauty of the weave. The balls are made of anticorodal aluminum, anodised 40 microns, and they have an o-ring to facilitate grip with the clamps. The balls are glued to the carbon tube with a special glue, thus ensuring a seal up to 150 meters of depth.

Maximum Guaranteed Depth
150 m
Carbon fiber - Balls and Clamps Anticorodal aluminum,40 micron anodized
25 mm
Sphere diameter
25 mm
400 gr
Immersion weight
100 gr
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