Triple aluminum handle and clip for underwater use – Carbonarm Carrying Grip with balls and Triple Clamps MN/SF2/3

Carrying Grip with balls and Triple Clamps

Plastic Free
Universal grip made of PVC and cordura, comes with 2 balls (SF/M6), anodized with 40 microns (military standard) to ensure the maximum durability and excellent resistance to wear and to sea salt and 2 triple clamps (CP/3). This accessory is useful for the transport and passage on the boat of photo and video equipments and can be easily adapted to any housing through the two terminal balls and two triple clamps that allow to fix also strobe arms like Carbonarm.

The Carbonarm handle is very useful for the safe transport of brackets and cases, prior to dive.
27 cm
25 mm
Sphere diameter
25 mm
285 g
Compatte, solide semplicemente perfette
Luigi Casati

Luigi Casati


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