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Carbonarm Float 70/75 Carbonarm Float 70/75 2
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Floating Carbon Fiber Arms Kits

Carbonarm Float 70/75

Carbon fiber arms complete with 2 terminal balls in anticorodal aluminum, anodized 40 microns to ensure maximum durability and excellent resistance to wear and to sea salt.
Comby - Versione Basic Comby - Versione Basic 2
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GoPro and Action Cam

Comby Gold 80

€1,250.09 €1,359.02
Comby is the new incredible combination that Carbonarm engineers have created for GoPro lovers and more! With this combination you can have full control of your GoPro, taking advantage of the large screen of your smartphone and the ease of use of the Diveshot housing. You will then have two housings: the Diveshot and the GoPro Hero Case Carbonarm, which...
Aluminium Arms

Carbonarm 8 (ball-to-ball)

Anticorodal aluminum arm anodized with 40 microns (military standard) to ensure the maximum durability and excellent resistance to wear and to sea salt. Useful for placing various accessories such as a pilot light for macro, go pro, etc. ...
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