Suction Cup Support

Plastic Free

Suction cup support with 25 mm Ball, which allows the positioning of cameras, action cams, Led Lamps or other accessories, on flat non-porous surfaces.

Application handle that also allows easy removal.

The Carbonarm Suction Cup Support allows you to apply a ball on any smooth non-porous surface. The body of the support is made of aluminum alloy (particularly suitable for use in sea salt water, or chlorinated water in the pool), while the suction cup is made of rubber. The use of quality materials offers high resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing prolonged use over time. The Ball mounted on the support is a SF / M6.

The supplied handle allows fast application and easy removal of the suction cup.

Maximum Guaranteed Depth
100 m
Aluminum Alloy and Rubber Suction Cup
10,7 cm
120 mm
Sphere diameter
25 mm
450 g
50 Kg Lifting in Air
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