Vacuum System

Plastic Free
Pre Dive system for detection of water infiltration in underwater housings.
Installation on Easydive housings included.

Package includes:
Body valve in anodized aluminum with valve and electronics
M14x1 stainless steel adapter
Hexagonal key
Hand pump with 300 millimeters PVC pipes

With the camera inserted and the circuit switched on the housing should be closed 15-30 minutes before the dive. The red LED starts blinking, indicating ambient pressure. The hand pump is fitted to the threaded valve body and the air is pumped out of the housing, After approx. 20-25 strokes, the red LED stops blinking, and after a couple more strokes, the green LED starts blinking, indicating sufficient underpressure. The additional stroke or two ensures that the circuit is not on the edge of treshold. The pump is then removed and the protective cap replaced to ensure air and water tightness. The LED is then to be observed. Green LED blinking indicates that there is no air leakage (safe to dive). After the dive, the protective cap is removed and the pressure is equalised with the simple movement of the rubber valve.
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