Brackets for DPV

Brackets for DPV
Staffa Fibbia Scooter Staffa Fibbia Scooter 2
Brackets for DPV

Bracket Buckle for Scooter

Buckle for Monobombola Belt. Indispensable to connect our carbonarm accessories to an underwater scooter.Made of anticordal aluminum and 40 micron anodized.Prepared with 2 M5 threaded holes for fixing a Starting Bayonet (BNT / PT), and a central threaded hole M6 for Fixing a M6 Blind Ball (SF / MC) or for the new start in Sfilo (SF / PT / SF)
Kit Buckle with Quick Release Kit Buckle with Quick Release 2
Brackets for DPV

Kit Buckle with Quick Release

Kit includes:- A Buckle Bracket for DPV- A Starting Ball with Quick Release System
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