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  • Housing realized in aluminum, anodized with 50 microns military treatment to ensure the maximum durability and excellent resistance to wear and to sea salt. This case is shaped according to the GO-PRO Hero Black 5, Hero Black 6 and the new Hero 7.

    310,66 €
  • With the Go-Pro tripod adapter you canfix yourGoProto anytripod withstandard thread(1/4 "-20tpi). Made ofpolycarbonate andstainless steelboltsandthread.

    9,84 €
  • It allows you to add a 180 ° movement on the vertical axis of the Tripod GoPro.

    8,20 €
  • Adapter for use all accessory with the go-pro tripod mount. Screw 1/4 Kodak.

    12,30 €
  • This and one of the most versatile Accessories for Gopro housings. In a single support we have a handle, an extension cord and a tripod.

    48,36 €
  • Small bag suitable for safe transportation for: 1 GoPro Case Carbonarm, 2 lamps 1000 Lumen Carbonarm, 2 Charger, 1 Bracket 25 cm + 2 Flex arms 25 (not included in the price).

    105,74 €
  • Diveshot is the new Universal Housing for all iOS and Most Part of Android Smatphones. Download the application for free (CLICK ON) and enable the Bluetooth connection... in this way you can use all the functions, even the advanced ones, of the camera of your Smartphone. And if you change your phone? all you have to do is download the app on the new...

    465,57 € 565,57 €
  • Protect the screen of your Diveshot, with this Protective Film, Easily applicable and resistant to scratches.

    8,20 €
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items